Communication Skills

The innovative programs in the suite that we offer enable workshop participants to build and strengthen their ability as persuasive, thoughtful and successful communicators. We collaborate closely with clients to produce tailor-made programs best suited to our clients' needs and preferences. We offer the following communication skills courses in Brisbane and across Australia.

Communication Skills Brisbane

Communication Skills Brisbane

Think On Your Feet ® Logo

Think On Your Feet ® Logo

Whether you are responding to challenging or aggressive questions or questions from "left field", selling an idea or proposal, negotiating, or communicating with stakeholders and clients for any reason, you need to think and speak coherently, confidently and with impact. Find out more

Understanding Your Whole Brain

Everything we do starts with our brain. Whether we're thinking, communicating, making decisions, leading and managing, or relating to others in any way, the genesis of all these actions is thought. So how we think matters enormously. Everyone has their own thinking preferences. Some people think in an abstract way, some process information in sequence, others process their thoughts in a clinical, factual way. Find out more

Skilled Presenter

The Skilled Presenter™

The Skilled Presenter™ workshop explores how to deliver an effective presentation and develops participant' presentation skills. We review the skills that professional speakers use to prepare and deliver structured presentations. Find out more

Writing Dynamics

Writing Dynamics™

People with good writing skills are worth more: much more. Those in the top 20% of writing skills earn three times more than those in the bottom 20%. (See study of graduates in the workplace by linguist Stephen Reder reported in Fortune magazine, December 1998). Find out more

Mind Matters Training conduct communication skills training courses and seminars in Brisbane and across Australia. For more information, call Brisbane on (07) 3398 8477 or for interstate enquiries, call 0427 008 093

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